When using Command Strips on a project, it’s important to consider where the object is being placed. If it’s going to be displayed in an area where it could be exposed to water, ensuring it’s hung up sturdily is imperative. Command Strips are a great tool for hanging items, but are Command Strips waterproof?

Command Strips are not waterproof. Some specific versions of the product are water-resistant, however, Command Strips aren’t designed to withstand large amounts of water.

In this article, I’ll explain why Command Strip products aren’t waterproof. I’ll also share the types of Command Strips that are water-resistant and how to best utilize them.

Why Command Strips Aren’t Waterproof

Command Strips are the perfect way to hang something without damaging the surface they’re attached to. The stretchy, sticky material keeps the items strongly adhered to the wall, and if the item needs to be taken down, there are no holes or paint chips to worry about.

The downside of this patented adhesive material, however, is that it’s not designed to withstand much more than an indoor area set to room temperature. In part, this is to ensure it removes cleanly from the surface to which it’s applied. 

Consequently, if the strips are exposed to too much direct water, the sticky material will start to break down. The strips will gradually come apart as the adhesive dissolves, and the object they’re holding up is at risk of falling.

To avoid anything being damaged, it’s best not to use Command Strips in any place they could be exposed to water. This includes humidity and condensation as well, just to be extra careful.

Command Strips That Are Water-Resistant

Even though Command Strips aren’t built to be waterproof, there are some water-resistant designs in the product line: the Command Strip Bath line and the Command Strip Outdoor line. When considering using Command Strips for a project where they may be exposed to water, it’s best to choose one of these designs.

Command Strip Bath Line

The Command Strip Bath line of products is tailored specifically to be used for hanging up items in bathrooms. Unlike the original line of Command Strip tools, these strips are built with a water-resistant adhesive backing.

While it can’t be repeatedly drenched in water, this backing can withstand much more moisture than the other designs. This makes the Bath strips a better choice to be used in rooms where there is a dense amount of humidity, like full baths that include a shower or tub.

The water-resistant adhesive also allows the strips to attach to a variety of different surfaces commonly found in a bathroom. Along with painted surfaces and wood, Command Strip Bath products can also adhere to:

  • Glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Tile

These coverings are much more commonly found on the walls of bathrooms than in other areas of the house, so the Bath strips will hold up better than other Command products.

Command Strip Outdoor Line

The Command Strip Outdoor Line shares a lot of similar features with the Command Strip Bath products. The Outdoor strips have the same water-resistant adhesive built into them, which could end up being important depending on the type of climate they’re used in.

As a whole, the Outdoor line can tolerate temperatures from -20 °F to 125 °F (-28 °C to 51 °C). In this broad range of conditions, the strips will face many different types of condensation.

If the strips are being utilized in an extremely humid area, it’s imperative they withstand the constant moisture sitting in the air. Even if the original line of Command Strips isn’t being submerged in water, the humidity in the air could easily break down the regular backing over time.

Many times, humid environments are also rainy environments, and too much exposure to rain would dissolve the adhesive as well. While the Outdoor line of Command Strips isn’t completely tolerant to large amounts of rain, the products would work better than the designs that aren’t water-resistant.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Outdoor strips can be used in an area that’s cold and gets a lot of ice and snow. In this instance, they’ll also be able to stay strong against water exposure due to melting snow.

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Final Thoughts

Although no Command Strips styles are completely waterproof, there are several options available that are water-resistant. The Command Strips Bath and Outdoor lines include many items that can be used in a variety of situations and handle different temperatures, environments, and humidity levels.

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